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Vol XV April 2006

Hello Healthy Friends!

Individualized Treatment Produces Results
Doctors recognize that the individualization of treatment produces more successful results. The Essentials of Healthy LivingSM is the name of the system we use at Village Green Apothecary to guide you to the best individual support for your health needs. One of the many options we offer for your health includes homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is truly an individual approach to your bodyís very specific needs. We provide access to over 4,000 homeopathic remedies in-store at Village Green Apothecary and you can also find all of them on our web site.

The Homeopathic Approach
Homeopathy is a scientific and human therapeutic method. The practitioner must understand the underlying science of nature as well as listen carefully to the patientís description of their symptoms. The same treatment is not always appropriate for the same condition. If the patient has itchy skin, there is a difference between a dry itch, a burning itch, a prickly itch, an occasional itch, an itch with redness, an itch combined with hotness, and many other kinds of itches. Each one has a different and individual recommended remedy combination that recognizes the personís body has unique needs that may not be the same every time they need help.

It is also true that the same homeopathic drugs are systematically used for certain symptoms or diseases, well beyond any principle of individualization, because there is the underlying nature of the cause to also be considered.

Additional information on how homeopathy helps individuals is linked below:

In addition to placing the 4000+ homeopathic products we have online, one of the biggest online homeopathic catalogs in the world, we have made other enhancements to the Village Green Apothecary web site you may or may not know about yet.

And if you havenít tried our "Nutritional Review", you can now book a half hour appointment with a nutritional expert to go through all your vitamins and medicines to organize, simplify, and refine what you are doing to support your health on your own or with your doctorís help.

Serving Thousands of Individual Needs
If you thought we had a big selection before, get ready for 550 brands today. There's only one brand we're not allowed to sell online, but we've tripled your selection. Our web site is also inventory-aware, and you'll know in advance if your items require special ordering. You'll see many things online we don't have on our shelves, but that's okay. You can track your order online too, and we're happy to show you many of the items you didn't know we had.

Winning Faster than "Slow and Steady"
In addition to the much faster and better search engine, we also categorized a lot of products for your specific health needs, and we have a quick-find section for our 10 most popular vitamin searches.

Especially for You
Order the same thing every time? Well we added the ability to create a "standing order" when you purchase online. We can even make sure we have your special order items shipped just before you run out with this feature. And remember those behind-the-counter brands? You can register for special access to these "restricted" brands and get those too. We're one of the only places you can buy those special vitamins online!

Topping it Off
Don't forget prescriptions. We now take prescription and compound refill orders online, and you get an order number and confirmation that we've received your refill order. No more wondering whether someone heard your voice mail message or got your e-mail message anymore.

Cool Things for Warmer Days Ahead
We have some other cool and helpful features planned for later this year, but we hope to see you're using our newly renovated site a lot more before then! Expect to see some web-only deals too.

Best in Health,
Village Green Apothecary


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