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Vol XIV January 2006

Introducing: The Essentials of Healthy LivingSM

This is the first nutritional program that will help you construct, defend, and rebuild your well-being by designing a personalized and straightforward health plan from the professional staff at Village Green Apothecary.

Even small nutritional deficiencies can compromise immunity, vitality, and damage health. Village Green Apothecary is staffed with four nutritional experts in the store who help you re-establish harmony and enhance your intrinsic healing capacity. We relate your health to the health of a tree, to represent the current condition and relationship between your body’s “roots, branches, and leaves.”


The leaves are the outward expression of the circumstances of our health. Each one of us has our own unique formula of nutrients, water, and light from which our body is most thoroughly enriched. Factors of age, gender, and genetics all contribute to how we must best care for ourselves to ensure a long life with youthful expression.

Your leaves are evidence of your body in or out of balance:

Symptoms/Health • Medicine/Nutrition • Anger/Joy
Stress/Relax • Pains/Flexibility


A strong trunk can support many branches and help the tree to thrive with access to abundant light. Even the best roots sometimes need additional support. Environmental stress on the body creates these additional demands, and adding core nutrients helps ensure the branches provide the stability, strength, and durability needed to thrive during adversity.

Support your branches with these core nutrients:

Multivitamin/mineral • Essential Fatty Acids • Antioxidants
Probiotics • Bone Nutrients


Strong roots build strong bodies. The roots of a tree reach deep to provide nourishment and stability. A shallow, weak root system cannot provide the necessary fundamentals to sustain a healthy body.

Support your roots by awareness of:

Water Consumption • Stress Management • Detoxification/Elimination
Diet • Exercise • Sleep


Phytos Fight Cancer

Centreville High School students Arjun Athreya and Andrew Adamshick won “Best in Show” for their science fair project “Phytos Fight Cancer” as presented on January 13. Their experiment was set up to determine the effects of three natural supplements with a reputation for fighting cancer (Genistein, Lycopene, and Quercetin), on human (prostate) cancer cells. With the cooperation of Dr. Ancha Baranova at George Mason University, and with phytonutrients supplied by Village Green Apothecary, these students report a positive outcome in their experiment to show these “phytos” inhibited cancer cell growth.

Village Green wants to congratulate these students on their outstanding effort and achievement. With encouragement from their science teacher Susan Reese, we hope that these students continue to develop the experiment in the next years’ science fairs to answer some of the questions that came out of the first experiment. Congratulations to all the students competing in the science fair. The community should thank young minds looking for ways to improve our collective health.

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