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Hot Flashes? Night Sweats? Mood Swings? Assess your hormone levels with a

FREE Test Kit!

If you’re a woman approaching or experiencing menopause, you’re probably well aware that fluctuating hormones can cause a wide array of symptoms. But did you know that Village Green Apothecary offers FREE test kits that can help you and your doctor assess your hormone levels? The actual cost for testing will vary depending on the hormone tests ordered.

These free kits from ZRT Labs are easy to use and very accurate — more accurate than the blood tests most doctors use. Once you have your results, Village Green’s compounding specialists are happy to work with your physician and develop a health plan specific to your needs.

Please drop by Village Green today and ask for your FREE test kit. Remember, no two women are identical —and your hormonal needs should be fine-tuned to your particular hormone balance and lifestyle factors. We’re ready to help you deal with menopause in natural, healthy ways.

Learn more about menopause & natural hormone balancing and why more and more women are opting for the use of natural hormone replacement therapy.

Diet, Excercise & Stress Relief
Can Help With Hormone Balancing
and Menopausal Health

Natural Hormone Replacement
Michelle's Story

"From puberty through menopause, most women are well aware of their reproductive systems. At various points along the way, they may be battling PMS (premenstrual syndrome), enduring the ailments of menstruation, going through pregnancy, or trying to segue gracefully into menopause. Simply put, being a woman is not for the faint of heart.

"I come from a precarious gene pool, with my mother succumbing to ovarian cancer at the age of 68 and my only sibling diagnosed with the same disease at the age of 45. My sister survived her ordeal, with massive chemotherapy and good luck — but she was clearly in the minority. Ovarian cancer is silent, and most do not survive the swift and silent disease.

"Now, it was my turn. Last December, at the age of 48, I was strongly advised by my beloved OBGYN to have a hysterectomy. Closely monitored every six months, my sonogram looked suspicious, and my pap smear results were questionable. Due to my family history of ovarian cancer, I begrudgingly and methodically persevered and had a total hysterectomy that same month.

"The surgery went without incident, and pathology read like a dream: No cancer. While I was elated over the good news, I knew that my body was being thrown into the shock of menopause. Was I now doomed for elastic-waisted pants, hot flashes, and thinning hair?

"Of course not. I wouldn’t hear of it. So I had to do something to counteract all the perils of instant menopause. I had a lot of life left to live, and I wanted to do it gracefully.

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Michelle Borda

Bowie, Md.

Recommended Pathway Supplements for
Hormone Balancing and Menopausal Health

Pathway PHYTOESTROGEN PLUS For a limited time only BUY 1, GET 1 FREE!!!

This blend of herbal ingredients supports healthy estrogen activity in the body. Key ingredients are black cohosh, chaste tree berry, vitamin E, and gamma-oryzanol. These herbal ingredients are standardized extracts in order to guarantee consistency and potency.

Pathway I3C PLUS

Research has shown that Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), a substance found in cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cauliflower), may have powerful cancer-fighting ability. Our formula ensures the I3C breaks down into effective metabolites, which are able to break down estrogen into its 2 hydroxy form (a cancer preventer) rather than the 16-hydroxy form (a harmful cancer promoter).


Beneficial bacteria (probiotics) support healthy digestion, immune and vaginal health. Pathway SUPREMA-DOPHILUS is an advanced combination of 7 species of beneficial, protected by an enteric-coated capsule that insures the beneficial bacteria will be delivered into your intestinal tract. No need for refrigeration.


Stress can weaken your health by overworking the endocrine, nervous system, and immune systems. Pathway ADRENAL SUPPORT contains herbs and B vitamins to help your body cope with stress, and restore energy and vitality.

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