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Vol XII November 2005

Back to Basics:
5 Steps You Can Take Now To Be Healthy

At Village Green Apothecary we know that not every solution comes in a bottle. Recognizing this fact is what makes the Village Green Apothecary experience different from a regular pharmacy or vitamin store. Approaching your individual health holistically (as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms) is the value of our help.

These 5 steps are accomplished by simply paying attention to them. "I'm too busy" is not a valid excuse. We make time for the things that are important to us. The truth behind "I'm too busy" is "It is not important to me." What is important to you? Is the health and happiness of you and your family important to you?


Step 1: Learn to say "No."
Part of saying no is simply being honest with yourself about your needs and your feelings. Instead of making excuses or saying you "can't" do something, simply say you won't do it. When you feel like you lack the time to relax, take stock of your true priorities and say no, politely, to the excess demands. Think back when you didn't have a cell phone and what you did then. You don't have to please everyone. If you have kids demanding your resources, trade them for their own resources, such as "I will help you by driving you to the mall, if you help me make dinner when we get home."

Step 2: Care for your physical body.
Remember that your body is a system of resources that you consume. When you do not replenish these resources sufficiently—by eating healthful foods, getting full rest at night, drinking enough water to flush out waste products, etc.—you are consuming and shortening your life.

Small things like using some lotion on your hands and face after cleaning the house, wearing comfortable but fashionable shoes, soaking in a bathtub instead of taking a shower, even wearing sunglasses in bright light are all little things that are kind to your body. Remember to thank your body for doing its many jobs, like having teeth to bite food, and for having coordination that allows you to drive a car.

Step 3: Say "Yes" to feeling good.
Your spirit requires joy. Stop for 15 seconds and think of the last time you did something that made you feel joyful. What would it take to do something that made you feel momentarily joyful every single day for a week? For a month? For the whole year? Just imagining this you can see the positive difference it would make in your quality of life.

Step 4: Demonstrate gratitude.
Thank your creditors for allowing you to buy what you need and pay for it later. Thank your boss for starting a company so you could be employed. Thank your best friend for loving you when you feel ugly. Thank your neighbors for not throwing their garbage in your yard. Thank your feet for carrying you from place to place. Thank yourself for taking some time to spread joy to others with a smile.

Without gratitude we become isolated, self-focused, and we begin to lose the value of community. Community is not just the people who live or work near you. Community is made up of the people you give your time to, and who give their time back to you. Be grateful that there are others who make your life as you live it, possible.

Step 5: Listen to yourself.
Besides listening to your body's subtle cues about what it needs to be well, listen to the words that you say. Try hearing without interpreting. Your body may say it is thirsty. It did not say it was thirsty for a carbonated soft drink. That was your interpretation. Listen again. What did your body actually tell you?

If you listen carefully to the words you say, are you telling others what they need to hear to understand, or are you interpreting the situation and thereby changing it? If you speak truthfully about your needs (which are different from your desires) you are far more likely to get what you need. Every word you speak has either a positive or a negative effect. You form energy patterns with the way you use words. Which pattern are you using, and how is it affecting your life?


People are worried (to different degrees) about illness from a number of sources. Some people are worried about the flu. Some people are worried about their age. Some people are worried about pains. When we neglect the simplest, most basic controls by diverting our attention to other things, and forgetting that if we focus on keeping our attitude positive, resting properly, and doing the basics of caring for our body, we more easily become unwell. Your immune system will be able to resist the flu if your body is happy and healthy, without drugs. Your body will recover from injuries quickly and repair itself nightly if you get adequate sleep and eat nutritious foods. Your apparent age will remain younger if you exhibit joy and gratitude.

Village Green Apothecary has invested 40 years in identifying the products that are most supportive of our customers' health. Over a decade ago we spent the time and research to develop our own line of products in which we place full confidence. We even offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our Pathway products, which have undergone the same degree of purity and source control, lab testing, and quality selection as our top physician brands. We hope that in addition to your own endeavors you feel welcomed to ask questions of our experts, and to allow us to help you find additional solutions and products that help you stay healthy.

We are grateful for your gifts to the community by living and working here. We are joyful each time you feel better after visiting us. And as we celebrate our 40th anniversary this month, we still feel young and vital and thank you for helping us grow into the people we are today.


Join Us at Upcoming Events

"Yoga for a Cause" Benefit November 19, 2005
Please join cosponsors Village Green Apothecary and Thrive Yoga for our first annual "Yoga for a Cause" event to benefit The Children's Inn at NIH. Try out this donation-only yoga class from 12:30pm–1:30pm on Saturday, Nov 19th at Thrive Yoga in Rockville. Newcomers to yoga and those with experience are welcome. There will be food, prizes, and fun! Pre-registration is required for this event. Call 301.294.9642 or visit All proceeds benefit The Children's Inn (, a private, nonprofit, family-centered residence location on the grounds of NIH.

Annual Turkey Chase Benefit November 24, 2005
Thanksgiving Day, please join Village Green Apothecary as one of the sponsors of the 23rd annual Turkey Chase to benefit the local YMCA ( and 12 other local non-profits. The Turkey Chase is a 2K or 10K fun run for the whole family, and runs through the Maplewood community right past our store on W. Cedar Lane, ending at the YMCA at 9401 Old Georgetown Road. The race starts at 8:30am and the awards ceremony is at 10:30am. Race participants will receive a commemorative shirt and goodie bag and be eligible for prizes. There are 5,500 runners, so please come cheer them on if you're not running. Registration is required if you plan to run. Village Green Apothecary will have a fun table with birthday balloons as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary in the community.


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