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Vol IX August 2005

Village Green Apothecary is committed to guiding your journey to optimal wellness by providing you the latest research on health, nutrition and lifestyle. This month we’re talking about the critical role enzymes play in our digestive health. Read on to learn more…


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Digestive Health: Everyone Needs Enzymes
Digestive enzymes are required to digest food properly. They do a considerable amount of the work in constructing, manufacturing, eliminating, and delivering the chemicals that make your body function.

A Lack of Enzymes Leads To…
An inadequate supply of enzymes will make a difference in your digestive health, and contribute directly to common conditions like heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas, and constipation.

Your body’s capacity to produce enzymes diminishes as you age. Over time you notice the symptoms as you encounter challenges with eating certain foods, feeling fatigued, gaining weight, or many other symptoms you wouldn’t automatically associate with digestive enzymes.

Research found thirty times more enzymes in the saliva of young adults than in that of persons sixty-nine years of age.
Howell, E. Enzyme Nutrition. Avery Publishing Co. 1985

Diminished levels of digestive enzymes will stress our body causing two things, neither of which is good:

  • Stage 1—to create enzymes needed to digest food the body works overtime, adversely affecting the immune system and reducing our ability to fight disease
  • Stage 2—an overworked body can no longer make enough enzymes to digest the food we eat, which then becomes a pollutant and increases the occurrence of chronic diseases

Lifestyle Makes a Difference
A depleted supply of digestive enzymes is a problem compounded by poor dietary habits like eating too much fat and sugar, and eating on the go. Stress and pollution damage and even kill cells, which means your body’s construction workers (enzymes) have to work even harder to repair and rebuild your body and maintain your immune system.

Common lifestyle disturbances like liver problems, migraines, PMS, juvenile hyperactivity, adult onset diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and heartburn can frequently be identified to have their start from earlier nutritional problems.

Stay Healthy: Supplement Your Enzyme Supply
It takes up to 80% of our body’s energy to completely digest and convert the food we eat into usable components. And while raw foods can supply many valuable digestive enzymes, one fact remains: We can’t eat all raw foods. You wouldn’t eat raw chicken for example, so you need some source for these extra enzymes, because cooking breaks down the naturally-occurring enzymes we need for optimal digestion.

We recommend finding these extra enzymes in a quality supplement like PATHWAY DIGASE - specially formulated to provide as much as 80% of the digestive power needed to digest the typical meal; ENZYMATIC THERAPY PEPPERMINT PLUS - Soothes stomach discomforts by smoothing the intestinal muscle, stimulating appetite, and helping to relieve gas; and PLANETARY FORMULAS TRIPHALA INTERNAL CLEANSER - Potent yet gentle formula to tonify the colon, thereby promoting internal cleansing naturally.. Supplemental digestive enzymes deliver the nutrients necessary to enhance your own body’s healing/repair/manufacturing processes often resulting in overall improvement in vitality and health.


Learn More
Talk to your health care practitioner, or come in and consult with one of our many professionals at Village Green Apothecary, and see what we can do to help your health. And as a bonus, Digestive Support supplements are value priced in August, just for you.


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