7 Tips for Better Sleep

  • Wind down. Allow an hour of quiet time at night before bed — with no TV, computer, or vigorous exercise. Try meditation or stretching to help your body relax.

  • Evaluate your environment. Are you trying to sleep in a room that’s too cold, hot, noisy or bright? Try extra blankets, a soothing fan, ear plugs, an eye mask, or whatever it takes to make you comfy. Be sure your bed and pillow are supporting your spine and head properly, too.

  • Limit liquids. Stop drinking beverages a couple of hours before you go to bed, and you’ll reduce the need to wake up and stumble to the bathroom during the night.

  • Avoid stimulants. Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine can keep you awake hours after you use them. A “nightcap” is not a good sleep inducer, because alcohol can cause your blood sugar to plummet hours later.

  • Monitor your meds. If you take medications for pain, colds, allergies or other conditions, they may have side-effects that can backfire and steal your sleep. Be sure to check the drug label or fact sheet if you suspect a problem.

  • Nix to noshing. If you eat a large meal too close to bedtime, it can affect your sleep quality. And even a small amount of certain foods, like dark chocolate or spicy-hot snacks, can affect people with sensitivities or heartburn.

  • Be prepared. Even occasional sleeplessness is well worth avoiding, so having helpful supplements on hand is a smart decision

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