For folks in the Washington DC area, an excellent opportunity is coming up later this week and this weekend to attend one or more events at Mind-Body Week, from October 13-16. Mind-Body Week is intended to educate and inform both health practitioners and members of the public about holistic, mind-body-spirit therapies and research. Sessions will take place in several locations in Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD.

For our part, Village Green Apothecary is proud to be a co-sponsor of Mind-Body Week DC. Village Green joins with other mind-body centers and practitioners in the Washington DC metropolitan area that are committed to promoting and improving the health of our community, and thereby also contributing to the health of the nation. Mind-Body Week DC is taking these efforts into the private sector, and considers evidence-based medical research and knowledge as the foundation for the appropriate application of mind-body therapies, and their role in the standard of medical care.

All Mind-Body Week classes and events are FREE to the public. Please register in advance to reserve your space.
Click here for more details, including the list of presenters, schedule of free events and online registration.

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