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Sunday, December 11

Host: Dana Laake

Shoveling snow, falling on ice, decorating the house and playing with the kids can all take a toll on the body. Before pain gets in your way, treat it at the first sign with safe homeopathic medicines. He will also talk about solutions for dry winter skin, digestive issues from holiday overeating, baby digestive issues, and sleeplessness and stress common around the holiday.  

Special Guest:
Christophe Merville, D. Pharm. - Dr. Merville has been with Boiron, the world’s leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, since 1990.  He first served as a pharmacist in France and later as the branch manager for the company’s West Coast operations in Simi Valley, Calif.  He also served as an advisor for the Boiron Institute, the educational arm of the company.  In 2002, Dr. Merville was appointed pharmaceutical development manager and today is the Director of Education and Pharmacy Development.  Dr. Merville has created training programs, both on-line and in print, for pharmacists and retailers on homeopathy and medicines available to treat common health conditions.  Prior to Boiron, Dr. Merville was a hospital pharmacist in France’s Loire Valley where he obtained his clinical experience. Born in France, Dr. Merville had completed his pharmacy doctorate in Nantes in 1985.

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December 4, 2011
Topic: Vision stress and eye disease
Special guest: Dr. Cohen is a developmental or behavioral optometrist practicing primary care optometry in Silver Spring, MD 

November 27, 2011
Topic: Proactive tips by Dr. Rob Ivker for Surviving the Sinus Season
Special guest: Robert S. Ivker, DO, ABIHM, FAAFP, HTCP - Dr. Rob Ivker is a physician healer, health educator, and best-selling author. 

November 20, 2011
Topic: How and why to detox toxins and infections
Special guest: Hannah Bradford is an acupuncturist with training in nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

November 13, 2011
Topic: The health benefits of homeopathy
Special guest: Christophe Merville is a pharmacists and the director of education and pharmacy development at Boiron, which is the world leader in homeopathic medicines.

November 6, 2011
Topic: Omega six and Omega three Imbalance
Special guest: Mr. Christopher Speed MND APD Nutrition Director, Minami Nutrition, from Garden of Life company.

October 30, 2011
Topic: Chronic Stress and High Cortisol: How to Keep the Stress Response in Balance for Optimal Health
Special guest: Erin Stokes, ND received her Naturopathic Doctor degree from Bastyr University in 2001. 

October 23, 2011
Topic: How to Address Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels Naturally
Special guest: Dr. Shunney specializes in women’s health, functional endocrinology, bio-identical hormone prescriptions and non-fasting cleansing and detoxification practices.

October 16, 2011
Topic: Integrative nutrition
Special guest: Rebecca Snow MS, CNS, LDN, RH (AHG), is a practicing nutritionist and herbalist.

October 9, 2011
Topic: How nutrition habits influences our hormones
Special guest: Natasha Turner, ND is one of Canada’s leading naturopathic doctors and natural health consultants.

October 2, 2011
Topic: The three things we all need to know and do to ensure happiness & success
Special guest: Caroline Adams Miller is an internationally known coach, author and speaker on the topic of goal accomplishment and its connection with happiness.

September 25, 2011
Topic: Proper nutrition for optimal sports performance and injury prevention
Special guest: Steven Horwitz, DC, is a certified chiropractic sports physician, strength and conditioning specialist, and a coach for USA Weightlifting

September 18, 2011
Topic: Lyme disease: Facts and Myths
Special guest: Dr. Fishman has created a unique medical practice that facilitates the pursuit of health through conventional medicine, alternative and natural choices, nutritional medicine and leading edge technology

September 11, 2011
Topic: Systemic and digestive enzymes and the benefits of raw, whole food nutrition.
Special guest: Jay Bugai, CSN, is an educator with Garden of Life, a leader in whole food nutrition

September 4, 2011
Topic: Women's holistic health
Special guest: Keri Marshall, MS, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in holistic pediatrics and women's medicine

August 28, 2011
Topic: Antioxidants - New Research to Maximize Your Health
Special guest: Dr. Cheryl K. Burdette, ND works as part of a team based approach, combining her perspective with that of M.D.s, D.O.s, and dieticians to provide a synergistic treatment plan that addresses the individual in a complete and holistic manner

August 21, 2011
Topic: The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It
Special guest: Robyn O'Brien – author and researcher who exposed how failed federal policy and exploitative financial incentives have accelerated the toxicity of the US food supply

August 7, 2011
Topic: Cardiovascular health for women
Special guest: Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS – Vice President, Research & Development Communications for Metagenics

July 31, 2011
Topic: Benefits of ribose for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, heart muscle energy, and increased stamina and endurance
Special guest: Kaori Shimazaki Dadgostar, PhD, is a technical specialist for Jarrow Formulas.

July 24, 2011
Topic: "What's Eating Your Child?” The hidden connections between your child's diet and common childhood ailments
Special guest: Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND, is a health program planner and nutritionist.

July 17, 2011
Topic: How to reduce healthcare costs through natural medicine
Special guest: Guy Daniels, MS – practitioner, consultant, and author within the field of natural medicine

July 10, 2011
Topic: Natural anti-aging skin care
Special guest: Melonie Semadeni – Product Manager for CamoCare® Organics.

July 3, 2011
Topic: Important supplements for children’s health
Special guest: Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

June 26, 2011
Topic: Essential homeopathic medicines for the summer season
Special guest: Christophe Merville, D.Pharm. – Director of Education and Pharmacy Development at Boiron

June 19, 2011
Topic: Myths of working out, hiring a personal trainer, nutrition for fitness, and health benefits of working out
Special guest: Wilma McFadden – owner of Body Beyond Fit

June 12, 2011
Topic: The importance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s).
Special guest: Kristin Jorgenson – Minami Nutrition's National Brand Manager and Educator

June 5, 2011
Topic: Summer allergies and hay fever relief
Special guest:
Dr. Rob Ivker – best-selling author of Sinus Survival: The Holistic Medical Treatment for Allergies, Colds and Sinusitus

May 29, 2011
Topic: How stress and metabolism can affect women’s hormones
Special guest: Holly Lucille, ND, RN – nationally recognized licensed Naturopathic Physician

May 22, 2011
Topic: The benefits of chiropractic and Mind Body Medicine
Special guest: Dr. Michael Moskowitz, DC and Kathleen Ammalee Rogers, RN

May 15, 2011
Topic: The benefits of fish oil for anti-aging, inflammation, and fitness
Special guest: Mackie Shilstone – influential sports performance manager

May 8, 2011
Topic: Natural strategies for dealing with depression and optimizing health
Special guest: Dr. James S. Gordon, MD – expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma

May 1, 2011
Topic: Herbs and spices in health and disease
Special guest: Dr. James Duke – renowned speaker and author and he leads ethnobotanical trips to ecologically rich areas of the world

April 24, 2011
Topic: Getting in shape for spring
Special guest: Dr. Joseph J. Lamb – Director of Intramural Clinical Research at The Functional Medicine Research Center for Metagenics

April 17, 2011
Topic: Food sensitivities and their effects on health
Special guest: Dr. Bradley Bush, ND – Clinical Director for Neuroscience, Inc.

April 10, 2011
Topic: Antioxidants for brain health
Special guest: David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM – board-certified neurologist and fellow of the American College of Nutrition

April 3, 2011
Topic: Natural therapies for cholesterol management
Special guest: Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D. – Dr. Clouatre earned his A.B. from Stanford and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley

March 27, 2011
Topic: Bioidentical hormones
Special guest: Adrienne Clamp, MD, DABMA – board certified in both family practice and medical acupuncture

March 20, 2011
Topic: Deeper levels of reducing risk to disease, the importance of cell signaling
Special guest: Steven Nadell, MS, CNS – Functional Medicine Nutritionist

March 13, 2011
Topic: Overcoming eating disorders
Special guest: Johanna Kandel – founder and executive director of The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness and author of Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder

March 6, 2011
Topic: Micronutrient status and implications in common chronic conditions
Special guest: John F. Crawford, Ph.D. – Senior Vice President of Operations, SpectraCell Laboratories

February 27, 2011
Topic: Health nutritional solutions for perimenopause
Special guest: Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS – Vice President, Research & Development Communications for Metagenics

February 20, 2011
Topic: Health benefits of stabilized allicin
Special guest: Peter Josling – Director of The Garlic Centre in Sussex, England

February 13, 2011
Topic: Supplements for pets
Special guest: Kathi Head, ND

February 6, 2011
Topic: Cardiovascular benefits of CoQ10
Special guest: Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D. – Dr. Clouatre earned his A.B. from Stanford and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley

January 30, 2011
Topic: Childhood obesity
Special guest: Lydia Martinez, N.C.P.T., is a life coach and personal trainer.

January 23, 2011
Topic: Biofield balancing
Special guest: Linda Lazarus – Linda teaches individuals and groups to use meditation, yoga and qigong

January 16, 2011
Topic: Children’s health
Special guest: Dr. Keri Marshall – licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in pediatrics, women's medicine and chronic disease management

January 9, 2011
Topic: "Sinus Survival Quick Fix," a natural approach for sinus sufferers.
Special guest: Dr. Ivker – the author of Sinus Survival: The Holistic Medical Treatment for Sinusitis, Allergies, and Colds

January 2, 2011
Topic: Food sensitivities and nutrition ideas to stabalize blood sugar and optimize energy levels
Special guest: Chris Young – VP of Sales and Marketing for NutraFusion Nutritionals

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Meet the hosts:

Dana Laake is a licensed nutritionist providing preventive and therapeutic medical nutrition services for over 25 years. Her practice includes the nutritional evaluation and treatment of the full spectrum of health issues affecting children and adults. Dana holds a Master's degree in nutrition from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Kevin Passero
a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine has trained extensively with leading doctors in the field of natural medicine. In his practice, Dr. Passero focuses on restoring harmony to both the body and mind using advanced protocols that incorporate botanicals, homeopathy, vitamins, and nutrition.

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