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WATER! You drink it, cook with it, and shower in it…

But do you know what's actually IN it?

“Essentials of Healthy Living”

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Join us this Saturday, Oct. 24 at 10am

for an important discussion about your water quality.

Host Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest, Houston Tomasz, will discuss the effects of water quality on your health, plus a wide array of water treatment technologies.

Mr. Tomasz, Vice President of Sun Water Systems, is a leading expert on water quality. He will be discussing issues including:

  • the impact of lead
  • facts about bottled water
  • the link between chlorine and asthma
  • how your daily shower impacts your health
  • pros and cons of various water treatment products.

Mr. Tomasz has informed thousands of people about the importance of water to health. He is a frequent guest on radio shows and has been involved in the creation of four books about water.

Get the facts about your water to help you make informed decisions and protect your health. Join us for this Saturday's broadcast!

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